At Gabinete Jurídico Internacional we have we have extensive experience in advising both legal and natural persons for the solution of private law conflicts arising from daily life. Whether you are a creditor for a debt that has not been satisfied or if you have to defend yourself against an unfair claim in whole or in part, it is essential that you have at your side a legal professional with proven experience to analyze the request objectively and propose a solution that does not necessarily have to go through the courts. At Gabinete Internacional Jurídico we are expert negotiators avoiding unnecessary expenses and waste of time.

Our professional competence in the civil field includes, among many other matters:

  • Extra-contractual claims, which are those cases in which damage is generated and there is an obligation to repair it, which are very common cases since they refer most of the time to claims covered by insurance policies. At Gabinete Jurídico Internacional we are lawyers specialized in tort claims in Marbella.
  • We can also help you if in the purchase of a property you have encountered the unpleasant surprise of a so-called hidden defect that was not declared at the time of contracting and you want the seller to assume its repair.
  • In matters of urban leases in cases where you have a rented apartment and the rent is no longer paid.
  • If you are going to compare a real estate or movable property of special value, you will need professional advice for the drafting or study of the contract presented to you, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises due to the small print.
  • In matters of mortgage floor clauses or simply in claims against banks for malpractice, we are at your disposal to negotiate in your favor against them.


Close and quality advice where our clients always receive personalized attention and reasonable prices.


In Gabinete Internacional Jurídico we can help you if you want to denounce or have been denounced for any conduct typified as a felony or misdemeanor among which we can highlight:

  • Injuries and/or moral damages in the context of gender violence.
  • Threats and coercion of all kinds.
  • Theft or robbery.
  • Illegal use of a motor vehicle
  • Abandonment of animals
  • Theft of movable property
  • Supply fraud
  • Damages of all kinds.
  • Lack of respect and violation of authority
  • Fraud and misappropriation.
  • Documentary falsity



The commitment of a leading law firm in legal defense in Marbella