The purchase of a property either as a primary residence or as a second home is, more often than not, one of the most important economic decisions a person makes in his or her life. The legal assurance of this decision is our main job as specialists in real estate transactions, being able to advise both the buyer and the seller if necessary. There are many factors that can turn this happy purchase into a real headache. Hidden defects, registration reservations, incidents with unnoticed adjoining parties, etc. By hiring an expert real estate lawyer all these factors surrounding the sale and purchase are solved or, as the case may be, brought to the attention of the parties in order to properly adjust the price both upwards and downwards.

Our work in real estate consulting is focused on three main areas, the first of which is dedicated to advising on the legal situation of thereal estate market. of the real estate object of the transaction that consists of the examination of the charges whatever their nature, cadastral information, ownership of the property in the case of condominium or acquisition by inheritance and in short all those aspects that can influence in some way in the consummation of the purchase and sale including in its case an analysis of the General Urban Plan if it affects it. The second phase is associated with the notarial advice, which in your case will include an analysis of the mortgage to be constituted in your case. This aspect is important if we want to avoid unpleasant surprises such as cases of illegal floor clauses. The third phase will be the one that goes from the signing of the deed to the moment of the peaceful free enjoyment of the property, including the settlement of taxes, mainly Transfer Tax or VAT as appropriate, supplies, review of invoices of external professionals who have been involved (experts, notaries, registrars, etc.).

Our advice also covers all types of leases. We will advise you in the case of the drafting of the contract looking for all those formulas that allow the assurance of the payment of the rent and when the case arises we will urge the appropriate actions for eviction either for non-payment of rent, in precarious, expiration of term, etc.. In the case of illegal occupation, we will initiate the pertinent criminal actions to recover possession of the property.



Comprehensive real estate advisory services

Contract drafting

Tax analysis of the transaction

Collection guarantee management in leases

Expert advice on the valuation of the property

Representation before the Courts for claims derived from purchase-sale transactions


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