In Gabinete Jurídico Internacional we have more than 30 years of experience in the resolution of conflicts in the field of family law. This matter by its very nature is of very varied casuistry and can only be approached with the proper perspective in which each client needs personalized and individualized attention. Throughout our professional trajectory we have verified that in the first contact with the client it is necessary to dedicate all the necessary time in order to see the problem raised in its diverse facets and, above all, to try a negotiated solution fleeing from the judicialization as first option.

30 years of experience endorse us as a professional reference in the management of family law problems. We are specialists in family mediation.

When dealing with the defense in family law cases, there are several questions that we have to ask ourselves because the procedural dynamics will be evidently different. Are there children of the marriage? Is there a common agreement? Are there divergence of opinions but there is agreement in relation to the children? Is there family patrimony object of dispute?

Each of these questions will result in a series of approaches that may make the solution more or less complicated. If the spouses are clear about the best interests of the children, a large part of the problem will be solved, since the economic issue can be solved sooner or later. If we can convince the spouses that the central and primary focus of the solution is the welfare of the children, much of our work will be done since a custody dispute in court is undesirable but often unavoidable. Trying not to let emotions cloud good judgment is one of our tasks in the first preparatory meetings with our clients.

International Legal Office

objectivity, experience, professionalism are values that characterize us as a reference law firm in the field of matrimonial law in malaga.

We can help you in matters of:

  • Dissolution of the matrimonial property regime. Partnership in community of property
  • Divorces by mutual agreement or contentious divorce
  • Tax analysis of the patrimonial consequences of divorce.
  • Domestic Partnerships
  • Modification of already agreed covenants. Compensatory pensions
  • Domestic or international adoptions
  • Paternity acknowledgments
  • Actions for failure to comply with measures
  • Incapacitation, guardianships and conservatorships